WOOLINO Newborn Swaddle/Blanket and Hat 新生兒包被和帽子

WOOLINO Newborn Swaddle/Blanket and Hat 新生兒包被和帽子

100% Natural Merino Wool

Newborn babies have only a limited ability to regulate their own body temperature. This luxuriously soft swaddling wrap made of pure superfine merino wool will keep your baby comfortable and snug from birth. As baby grows and no longer needs to be swaddled, it will have many other great uses over time.


  • Details

    - 100% natural, made from silky-soft hypoallergenic Australian merino wool
    - Square, size 90cm x 90cm
    - Comes with a matching newborn hat and swaddling instructions
    - Unlike any other fiber, merino wool creates a microclimate around baby's body to help regulate baby's body temperature naturally. It keeps baby warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot
    - Exceptionally breathable, it keeps baby comfortable and dry even when 'accidents' occur as merino can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture before it feels damp
    - Naturally stretchy, easier to wrap and stays in place better than other wraps
    - Naturally flame resistant, and also offers high UV protection
    - Unlike shaped swaddles, which babies outgrow very quickly, it can be used for many other purposes when baby is no longer swaddled - a blanket for the stroller, car or crib, a nursing cover, a sun shade and lots more
    - This cuddly soft, machine washable and versatile swaddling wrap and blanket in one is a must have for every new mom
    - An ideal baby shower gift

    •方形,大小 90 cm × 90 cm
    •非常透氣,它能保持嬰兒舒適和乾爽,即使有漏尿情況,Merino麥利諾羊毛纖維也能夠吸收在其重量的 30%的水份,減少因漏尿而弄得太濕