SLEEPY WINGS Organic White 睡天使 有機白色

SLEEPY WINGS Organic White 睡天使 有機白色

The White Sleepy Wings in the range is made from 90% certified organic cotton, which is manufactured in Australia using imported yarn. The fabric is whitened using eco-friendly dye and hydrogen peroxide.

The one layer of 215 grams breathable cotton elastane is suitable for wear in all climates accompanied with appropriate sleepwear.

Sleepy Wings is a unique infant slumber wear jacket, designed to mimic the swaddling method of wrapping, however, without the excess layers making Sleepy Wings ideal for all seasons. Its versatile use provides parents an alternative aid to assist their baby's sleep, feed, dummy and scratching habits.

Slept safely on their back, a baby’s preferred sleep position is to have their hands up beside their face.

Sleepy Wings allows a baby to comfort themselves with access to their mouth to self console, reducing their startling and scratching.

甚麼是 Sleepy Wings 睡天使?

Sleepy Wings 睡天使設計創新、簡單易用,不用數秒便可穿上的襁褓夾克。


穿上Sleepy Wings 睡天使,嬰兒便能安全地仰臥,因嬰兒最常出現的睡眠姿勢是將雙手向上,放在雙臉頰旁。

Sleepy Wings 睡天使允許嬰兒輕易把奶嘴放進嘴裏,自我安慰,得有效地使他們在自己睡眠中安撫自己。

是甚麼讓Sleepy Wings 睡天使如此不同?
•可以允許雙手臂向上或向下。(手臂向下時只需要180 度向下旋轉Sleepy Wings 睡天使)
•一年四季都合穿的理想選擇。夏天可保持嬰兒涼快或冬季可加Sleepy Wings 睡天使在背心型睡袋外邊。
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    What makes Sleepy Wings so different?

    - Can be worn with arms UP or DOWN. (Just rotate the Sleepy Wings 180 degrees for arms down)
    - Ideal for wear all year round. Keeping baby cool in Summer or worn over a Sleeping Bag in Winter.
    - Stops baby from scratching their delicate skin. Ideal for eczema suffers.
    - Reduces the startling reflex.
    - Optional use of the dummy pockets provides baby self access to retrieve their own dummy.
    - Ideal for use in the car or pram.
    - Makes transferring baby easier without disturbing their sleep.
    - Promotes longer sleep as baby cannot escape or free themself from Sleepy Wings.
    - Keeps wondering hands in place during milk feeds.
    - Keeps babies chest clear from overheating and hips free and un-swaddled.



    設計適合嬰兒從出生到大約3至4個月的年齡/6公斤的重量。但是如果你的寶寶已5kg你才計劃使用Sleepy Wings睡天使,我們建議你購買大碼,那你就能更多機會穿著!


    Sleepy Wings睡天使獨特的設計,兩邊的橢圓形孔是讓兩隻小手穿進去的。這開口貼身設計,使能貼著嬰兒的肩膀和背部。