POGNAE Hipseat+Wrapper+Waist Sack 座墊+網兜背帶+腰包

POGNAE Hipseat+Wrapper+Waist Sack 座墊+網兜背帶+腰包

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Original Price: HK$880

Pognae Hip Seat comes with a single strap wrapper and a waist Sack

韓國 Pognae 嬰兒座墊式護脊腰帶/腰座墊 + 網兜背帶 + 配件腰包
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  • Details

    - Simple, practical and easy to use
    - Highly portable and lightweight
    - Soft padded waist support ensuring parents’ comfort
    - Extreme strength buckle and inner support Superior layered cushioning at body pressure points for optimal comfort
    - Suitable for children aged 3 months to 3 years
    - It can evenly distributes your baby’s weight on your body, reducing strain on your spine, shoulders and arms