POGNAE 3-in-1 Smart Hipseat Carrier 座墊+雙肩背帶+單肩網兜背

POGNAE 3-in-1 Smart Hipseat Carrier 座墊+雙肩背帶+單肩網兜背

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3 in 1 Pognae Smart Hipseat Carrier comes with a hipseat, mesh fabric wrapper, sleeping hood, double straps, single strap, organic sucking pads and waist sack

韓國 Pognae Hipseat - 嬰兒腰凳式座墊 + 雙肩背帶 + 單肩網兜背帶 + 睡眠遮罩帽 + 有機咬咬棉 + 腰包
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    Specifically designed to address one of the root causes of adult back pain, the seat provides a firm shelf for the child to sit on and supports their increasingly heavy weight from underneath.

    Instead of twisting the spine, the back stays straight and the child is tucked into the chest on whichever side is more comfortable for the wearer, providing comfort and security for both adult and child.