MOTHER'S CORN Baby 4-way Snack Cup Set 零食小杯套裝連匙

MOTHER'S CORN Baby 4-way Snack Cup Set 零食小杯套裝連匙

Eco-friendly, non-toxic tableware made of CORN for parents concerned about the environment and toxicity of the bowls & plates your child eats from! This is a perfect multi-purpose cup to use for 1st baby food(Feeding spoon included), food storage(with the extra silicone lid), mug cup for toddlers(with two handles on both sides) and non-spill snack cup(with the magic silicone lid preventing snacks from falling out). Mother’s Corn tableware is durable, microwavable and hot water safe!


· 100%粟米所製
· 不含雙酚A
· 適合六個月以上
· 適用於微波爐(只限小食杯,微波爐只適用於加熱食物,建議使用不超過三分鐘。餵食匙和矽膠蓋不能放進微波爐。)
· 適用於熱水消毒(熱水消毒,建議使用不超過三分鐘。)
· 能100%生物分解重回大自然絕對環保
  • Details

    - Eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, BPA free (FDA & FFC certified)
    - Made of PLA(Poly Lactic Acid) processed from corn starch & silicone
    - Child friendly design
    - Function 1: weaning food for 1st baby food (Feeding spoon included)
    - Function 2: Food storage (Store left-over food safely and conveniently with the extra silicone lid)
    - Function 3: Mug cup for toddlers (Designed with two handles on both sides so babies and toddlers can easily hold the cup on their own)
    - Function 4: Non-spill snack cup (Easily converts to snack cup with the magic silicone lid preventing snacks from falling out. Great for outing!
    - Microwave safe but not suitable for dishwasher/sterilizer (snack cup)
    - Not suitable for microwave, Dishwasher/sterilizer safe(silicone lid)
    - Suitable from 5 months

    Snack cup: 130x85x60mm, 240ml
    Feeding spoon: 150mm

    Snack Cup, Feeding Spoon: -20/130°C
    Silicone Lids: -20/300°C