MAAMAM accua 4 in 1 Hooded Bath Towel

MAAMAM accua 4 in 1 Hooded Bath Towel

aacua is the new generation bath towel.  A unique 4-in-1 apron, towel, baby wrap for infants and bath wrap for babies and toddlers, it transforms bath time with your children into a more relaxing, safe and fun experience!

Safety - Wear aacua as an apron while you bathe your baby. aacua frees up both your hands to tend to your baby. You can focus on your child and prevent accidents: no need to worry about where you put the towel, or how to hold it. With aacua, a towel is always there where you need it since it's on YOU.

Functionality - You can carry your child directly from the tub to you, without getting wet! As a towel, aacua's high quality 100% cotton terry cloth material absorbs water quickly while remaining extra soft to your child's skin.

Nurturing - Keep your child happy, warm and safe. aacua helps you take care of your little ones!
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  • Details

    Made with 100% cotton so please see the following care instructions:
    - wash with cold water
    - dark colors separately
    - use only non chlorine bleach
    - tumble dry low
    - iron if desired

    aacua is not meant to be used as sleepwear. It is only meant to keep babies warm for a short period of time after their bath. Babies should never be left unattended when wearing aacua.

    Made in USA