KidCo Healthy Snack Frozen Treat Trays 健康急凍小吃儲存器

KidCo Healthy Snack Frozen Treat Trays 健康急凍小吃儲存器

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Healthy Snacks for the toddler years Your baby is growing into a toddler, eating foods from the five good groups, but may eat very little at a meal. Snacks are now necessry for a balanced diet and to provide energy to grow, play and learn. now you can offer quick, nutritious snacks made with these fun, Frozen Treat Trays. They have a multitude of options for tasty, refreshing frozen snacks. Try some of these great ideas: orange juice and bananas, yogurt and blueberries, any type of juice, chocolate milk...Sample recipes are included as well.

健康急凍小吃儲存器 F410


健康小食對蹣跚學步階段的寶寶很重要。他們要能進食食物金字塔的各種類別,但每頓吸收的只是很少,只好靠餐與餐之間的小吃。健康均衡的飲食所能提供的能量對成長、玩樂和學習都非常重要。現在您可以透過這健康急凍小吃儲存器方便、快捷地提供健康、有益的營養小吃。產品附帶的食譜提供了很多令人耳目一新的冷凍點心食譜以供選擇。另亦可嘗試這些偉大的想法: 橙汁配香蕉、 優酪乳配藍莓,任何類型的果汁、巧克力奶等。
  • Details

    - 8 molds - approximately 2 oz. each
    - 8 caps - perfectly sized for little hands
    - Dishwasher safe

    •8個模具──每個大約 2盎司
    •8 個蓋連把手──大小剛適合孩童的小手