KidCo Baby Steps Feeding Dish 餵食用碟,一碟兩格

KidCo Baby Steps Feeding Dish 餵食用碟,一碟兩格

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This original, sectioned dish offers convenience and flexibility for feeding meals both at home and away. Great for traveling; take it to daycare or on trips. Perfect for single meals on-the-go! And because the dish is designed in tandem with the Freezer Trays, they make a great team for easy transfer of frozen foods.

餵食用碟,一碟兩格 F300


  • Details

    - Section size matches BabySteps Freezer Trays
    - Specially designed lid seals each section, preventing the mixing of foods inside
    - Spoon with storage case locks the lid on tight and creates a complete serving unit
    - Microwave and dishwasher safe