KID BASIX The Safe Starter Bottle 9oz 不鏽鋼安全初生奶瓶

KID BASIX The Safe Starter Bottle 9oz 不鏽鋼安全初生奶瓶

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We’ve all heard about the dangers of chemicals leaching from warmed up plastic bottles. But traditional glass isn’t a perfect alternative, either. A bottle dropped on tile can mean a visit to the emergency room.

Made of clean, non-leaching, BPA-free stainless steel, The Safe Starter™ baby bottle eliminates concerns associated with both glass and plastic bottles. No worries about toxic chemicals leaching into baby’s food. No worries about broken glass on the kitchen floor. Concerned you can’t see how much liquid your baby has taken in? No worries there, either. All Safe Starter™ bottles have two different volume measurements: one on the bottle, another on the travel cap.

Available in three colors.

The Safe Starters安全初生奶瓶
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  • Details

    - Clean, food-grade stainless steel bottle doesn't contaminate baby's milk with chemicals
    - Protective and insulating silicone sleeve
    - Nipple designed in conjunction with a national feeding expert
    - Travel cap keeps nipple clean and is scored to double as a measuring cup
    - Storage disc seals bottle for safe leak-proof storage of liquid
    - Storage disc that seals bottle for easy, safe milk storage
    - Dishwasher safe