ECO·SOL Laundry Disinfectant Additive 消毒殺菌洗衣添加劑

ECO·SOL Laundry Disinfectant Additive 消毒殺菌洗衣添加劑

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Tested by FDA of USA and various other certified institutions, through the laundry process, deep removal of 99.9% harmful bacteria and dust mites can be done. It also has an antibacterial effect lasting for 30 days or more. Even after 20 washes, the antibacterial effect still exists, so all the washed clothing can instantly reach anti-mite level, allowing clothing to become the most personal guard for protecting all family members.

- No harmful chemicals: safe for human and pets
- No alcohol, Non-irritating, Anti-bacterial power

Suitable for fiber quilts, blankets, bedspreads, bedsheets, pillows, new clothes, infant clothes, hospital patients' pajamas, surgical clothing, household linens, masks, towels, cloth diapers, curtains, coats and other fiber fabrics. Wash the clothes before storage at the change of seasons (summer/winter), it will effectively prevent mould. This product is especially suitable for places with most germs, such as hospitals and hotels.

韓國 Eco-Sol 消毒殺菌洗衣添加劑 (可防霉/防塵蟎)(1L)

•通過美國FDA、多間分別是美國公認和韓國公認的實驗機構所認證,透過洗衣的過程,能深入衣縫中去除有害細菌、塵蟎,長效為衣物纖維形成防護膜,去除 99.9% 的有害細菌和氣味的同時,持續 30 天以上之 99.9% 抗菌效果,且實驗證明經過 20 次清洗後抗菌效果依然存在,令所有洗滌過的任何織物都能瞬間升級為防蟎級,讓衣物變成保護家人最貼身的防護罩
•非酒精、 無刺激性,抗菌力強
  • Details

    Ingredients: Nano Silver, Titania, Pure Water and Herb Extracts

    Capacity: 1L(1000ml)

    How to use: Shake well before use. Follow the advice, add the necessary amount together with the laundry detergent, or add into the dispenser for softener.

    Suitable for different kinds of washing machines

    Expiry date: 2 years after manufactured

    Origin: Korea