ECO BREESOL for Deodorizing & Sanitizing 200ml 紡織品

ECO BREESOL for Deodorizing & Sanitizing 200ml 紡織品

Original Price: HK$189

Anti-bacterial/Anti-viral Deodorizing Spray for Carpets and Textile

- Can effectively get rid of allergen "dust mites".
- Effective against mildew.
- The best anti-mite deodorant.
- Provides excellent deodorizing effect (Formaldehyde, Ammonia, etc.)
- Tested by FDA of USA and various other certified institutions, ECO BREESOL is simple to use. Without washing it with laundry detergent, 99.9% of harmful bacteria and odour can be removed from textile such as carpet, curtains, sofas, car seats etc. Making it possible to make unwashable textile nice and clean just like washed! Any fabric can instantly reach anti-mite level!
- Continuously high antiviral efficacy: long-lasting sterilization, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and deodorisation. Can effectively get rid of any pathogens for a long time.
- Contains only natural minerals. Passed tests to confirm that it is totally safe for human and pets. No harmful chemicals.

Suitable for carpet, fiber quilts, blankets, bedspreads, duvet covers, bedsheets, pillows, linens, masks, towels, cloth diapers, curtains, car seats, jackets etc.
  • Details

    Ingredients: Nano Silver, Titania, Pure Water and Herb Extracts

    Capacity: 200ml

    How to use: Shake it well, spray it onto the surface of fabric goods so that it is a bit wet, let it dry naturally, an anti-viral protection is created, or you may also spray it into the air so as to remove various odors, harmful bacteria and virus in the air.

    Expiry date: 2 years after manufactured

    Origin: Korea

    •非酒精、 無刺激性,抗菌力強