CUSKI The Great Swandoodle - Lucky Saurus 多用途包巾

CUSKI The Great Swandoodle - Lucky Saurus 多用途包巾

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Made from 100% bamboo rayon which is ultra soft and breathable!

The Great Swandoodle By Cuski has now won 2 awards, and another shortlist with Mother & Baby.

Using the Great Swandoodles & Mini Swandoodles has reduced flair ups with children/babies who have allergies/asthma/eczema.

Bamboo rayon has anti-bacterial qualities which makes it perfect for baby and temperature regulating properties, it will keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat! Beneficial for sensitive skin.

The Great Swandoodle 多用途包巾(100%有機竹棉布)--幸運小恐龍 by Cuski

多用途包巾 Cuski Swandoodle 現在贏得了 2 獎和與母親及嬰兒的另一個入圍名單。

介紹The Great Swandoodle 多用途豪華竹棉布,適合媽媽和寶寶使用!這是所有回族晚宴必備的。

由天然、透氣、抗菌、超柔軟的竹所製成的平紋細布,The Great Swandoodle偉大的襁褓具有廣泛的用途:
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    The Great Swandoodle has a wide range of uses:
    - Baby Swaddle
    - Baby blanket
    - A must-have for car, train or air journeys as light cover
    - Light enough to fit in hand luggage for use as a cover while travelling
    - Poolside or beach throw
    - Sun shade
    - Sarong
    - Shawl
    - Modesty cover while nursing
    - Bed throw
    - And is perfect for daytime snuggle while you’re chilling!

    Size: 55 inches x 55 inches ~ 140 cm x 140 cm
    Wash at 30 degrees in the washing machine, please iron after wash & dry to bring the best out of your Swandoodle!

    大小: 55 英寸 x 55 英寸 ~140 釐米 x 140釐米

    可放洗衣機以30 度水溫的水洗淨。



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