1stClassKid Leg Rest Travel Pillow 旅行用

1stClassKid Leg Rest Travel Pillow 旅行用

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First Class Kid: 1st Class Kid Leg Rest Travel Pillow

After packing, dragging luggage and standing in those lengthy airport cues, the last thing you want once boarded, is to be stuck in one position when your child falls asleep across your lap - and all just after takeoff! The 1stClassKid Travel Pillow is designed so young children can spread out to sleep rather than lie across other accompanying passengers. The 1stClassKid Travel Pillow fits on the floor in-between the passenger seats. It can be used by all ages and anywhere you need to prop up your feet, for example in a car, however the primary intended use is while traveling on a commercial airline during a long haul flight. Can be manually inflated when above head plane vents are unavailable.

經過疲累的執拾行李、拖拉行李和排隊登機、入閘、上機等冗長的過程,怎樣能令小孩和自己皆睡得舒適呢?美國 1stClassKid 旅行充氣舒適墊腳枕便是針對這方面而設計的。

只要按個人舒適度,把這個 1st Class Kid 旅行充氣舒適墊腳枕,利用飛機頂那自動充氣口或口吹充氣,並放置在腳前,便可舒適地讓小孩平臥或把腳提高,減少長期壓著大腿的不適感。它適合任何年齡層使用,且可在任何地方(如:商業客機、旅遊巴士或汽車等),按個人需要把你雙腳墊高。未充氣前,可摺疊成與一枝基本鉛筆的長度般長和濶。而且在使用後,釋放出氣體也是非常方便容易的。
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    Product Dimensions:

    Maximum inflated level is 12” in height and 18” Wide, i.e. 18 x 12 x 18 inches

    NOTE: The 1stClassKid+ Travel pillow has a combined inflation/deflation valve that must be used correctly to avoid difficulty when deflating. It is highly recommended that you practice these steps at home prior to using the 1stClassKid pillow on a flight. You may need to wait until you are at cruising level. The reason for this is that the cabin pressure will have stabilized. DO NOT fill to max as this will cause some difficulty placing your pillow between the seats. It is recommended that you place the pillow almost inflated then finish inflation by mouth. Please take caution as you will be at altitude so take breaks if blowing manually.

    產品尺寸:最大可被充氣至 12"高 x 18"長 x 18"闊

    注意:美國 1stClassKid 旅行充氣舒適墊腳枕必須依正確方法使用,以免氣閥被損毁而影響產品的功能。我們亦建議顧客先在家嘗試每一個步驟才在飛機上進行。而在飛機上,宜在飛機完全起飛至水平飛行才開始充氣,因這時候的機艙壓力較為穩定。切勿一次過把整個墊腳枕充氣至最滿,因這會較難被放進座位前理想位置。建議可先充至三分之二滿,放在合適位置後,再彎下腰用口把墊腳枕口吹至最適合大小。切記吹氣時是可以中途休息吸氣的,因為充氣閥的設計是使氣體不會輕易流出的(相反,你要另外打開放氣閥才可輕快地釋放氣體)。